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Latex Slut 
Fancy a FREE phone chat with Latex Slut?
Well now's your chance!
07930 895603
Finally you filthy boys and naughty girls, exactly what you have been waiting for, a Phone Ho who is genuinely horny and literally gagging to take your kinky, filthy call! Call this shameless tranny slut FOR FREE on her mobile. Just normal call charges apply! Get access to this cock hungry, kinky, switch and her latex clad gorgeous tranny cock for the ultimate phone sex experience!

Latex Slut is a real porn star, and her latex-clad cock-sucking antics have featured on porn sites such as Tranzmania and T-Girls Dominated, and porn mags such as X-Dresser Amateurs and Sordid! Her filthy vids have been viewed well over half-a-million times! And what's more, she is as posh as fuck! So how can you resist calling this filthy fetish tranny whore?

For her availability look out for my "TART's up!!!" tweets and #TartsUp hashtag on my twitter profile @JammyBitch_ Alternatively, text the number in the adverts, and ask the slut directly!

Latex Slut will Tribute Mistress Julia £1 for every call you make. It's a WIN for you, a WIN for the horny Phone Whore and a WIN for Me.

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